Friday, October 17, 2008

Road Trip

"Careful with that." Mike said as Jessica was attempting to keep the melting ice cream cone from dripping all over her lap. She looked so beautiful in his eyes, sitting there in her cutoff jean shorts ant yellow t-shirt, her long dark blond hair flowing in the wind from the open car window. She was only a few years younger than him but the differences between them are like night and day. He was a self proclaimed neat-freak, clean cut in his khaki shorts and navy polo shirt, and Jessica was just a free-spirit!

"Don't worry I got it!" she said as a drop of ice cream fell to her lap. "Oops."

Mike just smiled at her attempts. they were on their way to a family reunion a few states away, it was a long drive but Mike had a feeling this will be a good trip.

"I'm done with this." Jessica said as she tossed the remaining half of the cone out the window.

"Jessica! that's littering! and it's illegal!" Mike said, shocked at her behavior

"What? its biodegradable, and besides, the ants would love me, I am helping the environment!"

Mike was a little perturbed at her excuse for her behavior, but she was right about it being biodegradable, and no cops were around to see her illegal act, so he let it go with just a frown.
Jessica then grabbed a baby wipe from the container Mike keeps in his car as a just-in-case precaution and she wiped up the ice cream from her lap and cleaned her sticky hands and face.

"I love car rides, they are so peaceful and the scenery on these old roads is amazing!" she stated smiling.

"I know we will have a good time at my family's house I have been dying to show you off to my brother since I met you, Jessica"

"It will be so fun!" she stated as the baby wipe floated out the window, "Oops" she said as she watched it fly away


"I'm sorry! It was an accident! besides.." she said while lifting up the baby wipe box and pointed at the word biodegradable on package.

"I don't care if it is biodegradable, it is illegal to litter and if a cop saw you I could get a ticket! Now young lady, I will not have any girlfriend of mine behaving so foolishly! if I catch you littering one more time I will pull this car over, and believe me you will be sorry then!"

Jessica pouted for a moment and crossed her arms, but Mike saw the familiar twinkle in her eye, he knew the pouting would not last long. Sure enough just a few moments later she had another baby wipe in her hands and was pretending to clean a sticky spot on her arm, she kept peeking at him just to see is he was watching her and she smiled.

"I'm warning you!" Mike said knowing where this was going. and just a second later with a grin on her face the baby wipe went out the window. Mike was already braking as the car came to a stop on the side of the highway.

"No! No! Mike I am sorry!" Jessica said panicking when she realized he would uphold his threat.

"Its too late for that now, young lady" and he got out of the car, careful of the passing cars as he went around the back of the car to open Jessica's door.

"But Mike! people will see!!"

"you should have thought of that before you tossed the baby wipe out the window!"

He grabbed her by the wrist and in one quick motion she was standing in front of him as he sat in the chair. she stood there nervously glancing at the passing cars desperate for a way out.

"There is no way out, you earned this and you are going to get it! now pull down your shorts and panties and get over my knee!"

Jessica blushed and prayed that the car blocked most of the view as she pulled down her shorts, but a honk from a passing car accompanied by a wolf whistle dashed that hope and gave Mike a quick smile as she layed herself over his knee. Mike rubbed her bottom gently for a moment

"Now young lady, you know littering is illegal and I gave you fair warning what would happen if you did it again." And with that he started, Smacking her bottom hard with his hand she started squirming as he spanked her bottom to a pretty glow when he started focusing on her sit spots she really began to squeal, her legs bucking out the door of the car, another car came to a stop behind there's, Mike didn't even slow down.

"Everything alright?" said the good samaritan

"Just disciplining a litter-bug" Mike said casually, the samaritan smiled and nodded at Mike and got back in his car and drove away. "See, Jessica, the public agrees with me!" she responded with a sob as the punishment continued. a few minutes later he let the tear stained beauty up from his lap.

"Now, I forgive you for littering and I love you" he said as he gathered her up in a big loving hug and she smiled, "but if you do it again, you will get the belt! no go pick up your trash" and he pointed down the road where the baby wipe sat on the side of the highway just a few yards away. she pulled up her shorts and wiped her eyes and walked down the road to retrieve the baby wipe, when she got back he was already in the drivers seat she got in the car and gave him a kiss and smiled as she rubbed her bottom and squirmed in her chair.

This was definitely going to be a great trip he thought as he took off down the road and rubbed her thigh. God he loved her!