Friday, October 17, 2008

Road Trip

"Careful with that." Mike said as Jessica was attempting to keep the melting ice cream cone from dripping all over her lap. She looked so beautiful in his eyes, sitting there in her cutoff jean shorts ant yellow t-shirt, her long dark blond hair flowing in the wind from the open car window. She was only a few years younger than him but the differences between them are like night and day. He was a self proclaimed neat-freak, clean cut in his khaki shorts and navy polo shirt, and Jessica was just a free-spirit!

"Don't worry I got it!" she said as a drop of ice cream fell to her lap. "Oops."

Mike just smiled at her attempts. they were on their way to a family reunion a few states away, it was a long drive but Mike had a feeling this will be a good trip.

"I'm done with this." Jessica said as she tossed the remaining half of the cone out the window.

"Jessica! that's littering! and it's illegal!" Mike said, shocked at her behavior

"What? its biodegradable, and besides, the ants would love me, I am helping the environment!"

Mike was a little perturbed at her excuse for her behavior, but she was right about it being biodegradable, and no cops were around to see her illegal act, so he let it go with just a frown.
Jessica then grabbed a baby wipe from the container Mike keeps in his car as a just-in-case precaution and she wiped up the ice cream from her lap and cleaned her sticky hands and face.

"I love car rides, they are so peaceful and the scenery on these old roads is amazing!" she stated smiling.

"I know we will have a good time at my family's house I have been dying to show you off to my brother since I met you, Jessica"

"It will be so fun!" she stated as the baby wipe floated out the window, "Oops" she said as she watched it fly away


"I'm sorry! It was an accident! besides.." she said while lifting up the baby wipe box and pointed at the word biodegradable on package.

"I don't care if it is biodegradable, it is illegal to litter and if a cop saw you I could get a ticket! Now young lady, I will not have any girlfriend of mine behaving so foolishly! if I catch you littering one more time I will pull this car over, and believe me you will be sorry then!"

Jessica pouted for a moment and crossed her arms, but Mike saw the familiar twinkle in her eye, he knew the pouting would not last long. Sure enough just a few moments later she had another baby wipe in her hands and was pretending to clean a sticky spot on her arm, she kept peeking at him just to see is he was watching her and she smiled.

"I'm warning you!" Mike said knowing where this was going. and just a second later with a grin on her face the baby wipe went out the window. Mike was already braking as the car came to a stop on the side of the highway.

"No! No! Mike I am sorry!" Jessica said panicking when she realized he would uphold his threat.

"Its too late for that now, young lady" and he got out of the car, careful of the passing cars as he went around the back of the car to open Jessica's door.

"But Mike! people will see!!"

"you should have thought of that before you tossed the baby wipe out the window!"

He grabbed her by the wrist and in one quick motion she was standing in front of him as he sat in the chair. she stood there nervously glancing at the passing cars desperate for a way out.

"There is no way out, you earned this and you are going to get it! now pull down your shorts and panties and get over my knee!"

Jessica blushed and prayed that the car blocked most of the view as she pulled down her shorts, but a honk from a passing car accompanied by a wolf whistle dashed that hope and gave Mike a quick smile as she layed herself over his knee. Mike rubbed her bottom gently for a moment

"Now young lady, you know littering is illegal and I gave you fair warning what would happen if you did it again." And with that he started, Smacking her bottom hard with his hand she started squirming as he spanked her bottom to a pretty glow when he started focusing on her sit spots she really began to squeal, her legs bucking out the door of the car, another car came to a stop behind there's, Mike didn't even slow down.

"Everything alright?" said the good samaritan

"Just disciplining a litter-bug" Mike said casually, the samaritan smiled and nodded at Mike and got back in his car and drove away. "See, Jessica, the public agrees with me!" she responded with a sob as the punishment continued. a few minutes later he let the tear stained beauty up from his lap.

"Now, I forgive you for littering and I love you" he said as he gathered her up in a big loving hug and she smiled, "but if you do it again, you will get the belt! no go pick up your trash" and he pointed down the road where the baby wipe sat on the side of the highway just a few yards away. she pulled up her shorts and wiped her eyes and walked down the road to retrieve the baby wipe, when she got back he was already in the drivers seat she got in the car and gave him a kiss and smiled as she rubbed her bottom and squirmed in her chair.

This was definitely going to be a great trip he thought as he took off down the road and rubbed her thigh. God he loved her!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hannah's plea

I am a good girl. almost too good, the worst thing I have ever done was stolen a chap stick. and I know the few naughty things I do, such as spending money I don't really have and staying up too late don't seem that bad to you. I know the only time I talk back is when we are both being playful and it doesn't upset you we both laugh as you give me a few swats on my bottom.

I cant bring myself to be bad to get what I want. But cant we just one time pretend I was bad? cant you pretend to be upset with me next time I talk back? or next time I stay up too late? just feign anger as you give me a swat on my bottom and send me to the corner. it would put butterflies in my stomach, I crave the anticipation of knowing there is more to come.

Though you may not really be upset with me, for the sake of the experience could you scold me as if you were? tell me I have been a bad girl, tell me you are disappointed with my behavior. I want to feel like a little girl put in her place, with no control of what is to happen.

then can you pull me over to a chair in the middle of the room and tell me I have to take my punishment I have earned, then unbutton my pants and pull them down as I stand there blushing, I know naughty girls are spanked on the bare. and I want it to feel as if it were real.

then I hope you put me over your knee and smack my bottom firmly, not too hard just yet, but let me know you mean business. spank my bottom all over especially where my bottom meets the thigh, that way I'll feel it all day when I sit down. All the while you continue telling me why I am being punished and increasing the intensity and speed of the smacks. then when my bottom is all over red, and there are tears flowing down my cheeks, please put me back in the corner to await more.

as I stand in the corner I would hear you moving around, I would try my hardest not to move or rub my bottom, then I would hear you call me back over and as I turn around I would see you have the hickory paddle in your hand, fear and excitement would collide in my stomach in an instant as I obediently walk over. you would tell me that you intend for me to really learn my lesson this time, you know the hickory paddle is the one implement you own that I truly dislike.

you tell me I will receive 10 with the hickory, I shudder as I remember how much that heavy wood can sting but I know better than to talk back or disobey. I bend over the back of the couch and I wait patiently for what I have earned.

The first smack comes, it is harder than I thought it would be, but I try to be good and hold still, the second smack makes me gasp and kick up one foot, but I put it back down immediately and soon receive the third and the fourth smacks and I break position completely, you are patient though, and you calmly tell me to get back in position and hold still.

I take the fifth and sixth smacks like the good girl I can be though the tears are falling, the seventh smack makes me squeal and bring my hand to cover my bottom, but you just grab it and pin it to the middle of my back as you deliver the ninth smack and I am sobbing slightly. then you remind me why I am getting this punishment and remind me that you care about me then you give me the last painful smack of the hickory and I am crying hard, you tell me it is all over.

then you pick me up and hug me hard and you rub the sting out of my bottom and let me cry out all my tears on your shoulder, this is the emotional release I have been needing for a long time, and you know this as you sooth me and cuddle me, I feel closer to you than ever now as I cling to you, loving you more for disciplining me and teaching me right from wrong.

now that the scene is over I smile at you my bottom is tender and I love it and I am so turned on that I want nothing more than to play with you all night! This discipline scene is what I have been dreaming of, It is my deepest most powerful fantasy, so please, Sir, even if I am good, tell me I've been bad!

Monday, January 21, 2008

the dramatic spanking

lmao, dont ask what I was thinking when I wrote this, just know I am insane :P

The Dramatic Spanking
(fictional soap opera script)

[Scene one]
[open scene: a dark and stormy night, camera zooms in on a mansion on a hill then cuts to a high class office and pans to a 40 yr old good looking well dressed gentleman sitting behind a giant oak desk reading the latest stock quotes in the newspaper with a pipe held in his pearly white teeth]

[Enter: a 16 yr old beautiful woman in a pink cashmere skirt and jacket and long white gloves]

Daughter: Father! I have terrible news! the dog was killed!

Father: [looking concerned] what happened, Daughter?

Daughter: I fear mother had a panic attack and the dog was run over while she was being taken to the emergency room [brings back of hand to forehead] and I fear it is all my fault!

Father: [gets out of his chair and out from behind the desk] how could it be your fault?

Daughter: because I showed her this! [holds up a piece of paper]

[Father walks over to her takes the paper and reads it then his eyes widen in shock]

Father: It is your report card....[angerly] and you got a C! how do you explain this?

Daughter: I'm sorry! but I just havent been studying well since my boyfriend died in that plane crash.

Father: that is no excuse, and I regret to inform you that your behavior has earned you a [camera zooms in and dramatic music plays in the back ground... "bum bum bah!"] a spanking!

Daughter: [Gasps briging hand to mouth and taking a step backwards] but Father!

Father: I am sorry, but this is just the way it has to be. Now you run upstairs and wait for me!

[Daughter runs sobbing out of the room and the father sighs heavily]
[End scene one]

[scene two]
[Scene opens in the daughters lavishly decorated bedroom, with a pink silk canopy bed and plush rugs and such decor decorating this rich bedroom the Daughter siting in a straight back chair placed in the center of the room she is chewing on a finger nail nervously as she awaits her fathers entrance]

[Father enters the room his suit jacket has been removed and he motions for her to stand as he takes a seat in the chair]

Father: sorry about the wait, but I had to call an ambulance as the maid has just stabbed our butler... anyway come over and remove your skirt and panties for your punishment will be on [dramatic music] the bare

Daughter: oh! but father I am much too old for that! please not on the bare!

Father: now, now, we both know you have earned this spanking and I do not intend to make this easy on you, now, Daughter, do as you were told then lay across my knee.

Daughter: [slowly removes her skirt and panties and drapes herself accross her fathers knee] please not too hard

Father: [beginning to spank with his hand] no Daughter this will be hard, I do not want you to end up homeless and on the streets like your older sister!

[Father proceeds to give her 20+ smacks on her bottom as she bawls over his knee kicking hard, then when her bottom is a even glowing light pink he lets her up to her relief]

Father: now, fetch me your hairbrush!

Daughter: [crestfallen] but thats more than I can bear!

[Father give his daughter a look that says "dont mess with me" and she quickly gets the brush and returns to him]

Father:[taking the brush and pulling his reluctant daughter back over his knee] I [smack] hope [smack] you [smack] will [smack] study [smack] harder [smack] in [smack] the [smack] future! [loud smack. the daughter is crying out with each smack then he lets her up] Now you will stand in that corner for 10 minutes with your bottom bare and your hands on your head [she rushes to obey], I have to go now and pick your brother up from rehab.

[Father exits the room swiftly as the camera moves to the sobbing daughter with tear stained cheeks her hands on her head and a bottom that is deep crimson]

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My first spanking story

I am going to try to write my own spanking story….. lets see if it works! :p

Jenny's dream

Should I tell him? I want to, but what if he really does it? Do I really want it? Am I nuts?

Jenny paced the floor wondering these questions and more as she waited for her husband to come home. She had a dream last night, a reoccurring one. She has never mentioned the dream to anyone but lately it has been occurring more and more frequently.

She sits in silence knowing he is coming, the suspense is unbearable but she knows better than to move. She just stayed and waited.

Jenny knew it’s a common fantasy, she researched it online before. But she has known her husband since middle school and just hasn’t been able to bring it up. She was afraid of his reaction.

Stomp… stomp… stomp… he is coming up the stairs

She looked at the clock. 3:00. drat, he wont be home until 6:30. they have been married for a year, she has kept it to herself long enough. The dream is just too strong and vivid now. she has Made up her mind to tell him. But the wait is so long, she chews on her nail, hoping she doesn’t lose her confidence.

"Jennifer Lynn" she jumped at the sound of his voice. "I am really disappointed in you." Her heart sank; she hates to disappoint him more than anything.

Jenny took a seat on the couch and picked up the letter on the coffee table. He had seen it this morning. It was an automated speeding ticket; she was caught on camera going 20mph over the limit. He told her he was upset with her but said he will take care of the ticket and told her to be more careful in the future. But it wasn’t enough. Jenny felt guilty about it and knew in her heart only one thing would work.

"you know what that means, and I hope you are willing to face the consequences"
"Jake, I am really sorry!"
"oh, you will be."

Jenny picked up her cell phone and started writing a text, "Jake, I feel really bad about the speeding ticket, I have something I would like to discuss with you when you get home" she debated deleting it, but she managed to press send. Now it really was too late to go back.

Jake quickly pulled her over his knee and started to spank her over her jeans. Jenny didn’t fight it, she knew she deserved this, but oh did it hurt!

She looked at the clock again. 4:30. Maybe if she started dinner time would go faster. She goes into the kitchen and starts to prepare a delicious dinner of chicken alfredo, she knew it was his favorite. She wants him to be in a good mood.

He continued to rain stinging spanks on her clothed bottom, then suddenly stoped and pulled down her jeans.
"Oh! I'm sorry! Please not on the bare!"
"Excuse me young lady? Is this your choice?"
he pulled down her panties and reignited the fire on her bottom, ignoring her pleas for mercy.

Jenny set the table and set out a chilled bottle of wine. Then she prepared a salad to go with their meal.

Jenny was crying and begging him to stop, but Jake new he couldn’t stop to soon or she would not learn. To her horror he reached for the hairbrush on the nightstand.
"NO! Not that! Jake I learned my lesson! Really I did!"
"Now, now, you and I both know you need this!" he started to spank her with the hairbrush, focusing on her sit spots, showing no mercy. He intends for her to remember this for a long time. Jenny kicked and screamed and when she tried to cover her poor bottom with her hand, he grabbed it without missing a beat and pinned it to the small of her back.

Dinner was ready, the table was set. She looked at the clock. 6:30. then she heard the garage door opening. He certainly was punctual. When he walked into the house he had a big smile on his face. And gave her a big hug.
"Honey! It smells wonderful in here! I am starving!"
They sat down to eat.

Jenny finally could fight no more and she just collapsed over his knee accepting her punishment. Jake noticed this change in his wife and gave her 2 last smacks to send the punishment home. Then he put down the brush and rubbed her bottom to help alleviate the sting.
"You know I hate to have to punish you jenny, but if I don’t than I would be hurting you more"
He picked up his sobbing wife and she nodded in agreement and he hugged her tightly to him. Jenny clung to him and smiled, he was right when he said she needed it.

"I got your text message at work" Jake said. "but that can wait. I have decided how to take care of that speeding ticket."
"you have? And how is that?"
"You may not agree, but that doesn’t matter. Tonight you will be going over my knee for a much deserved spanking!"

pics of mandy

I was bored so I made new pics! ^_^

neener neener!

and look! I am a vampire!, sorta....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

new years poem! ^_^

to all my spanko friends and the ones I hope to meet,
2007 was a fun year, our bums felt lots of heat!
now pants down and bottoms up as you anticipate
all the great spankings to come in year 2008!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

What I want and need from a spanking

What I want most from a spanking is the emotions. I want to experience them all!

I want the shock of being caught in the middle of what you are doing wrong,
The instant fear of what will happen,
The anticipation of what is to come,
The dread of being called over,
The second of contemplating running and hiding,
The reluctance to do as you are told,
The embarrassment of being scolded and exposed,
The regret for doing the thing that put you there,
The knowledge that you have no escape,
The panic of realizing what is happening,
The excitement of the struggle,
The acceptance of your situation,
The shame for causing disappointment,
The remorse for what you have done,
The relief after the last slap,
The calm of knowing its over,
The release of guilt and knowledge you are forgiven,
And the love you feel from knowing someone cares.

Its this crazy rollercoaster of emotions that separates a fun spanking from a real one to me