Thursday, October 4, 2007

What I want and need from a spanking

What I want most from a spanking is the emotions. I want to experience them all!

I want the shock of being caught in the middle of what you are doing wrong,
The instant fear of what will happen,
The anticipation of what is to come,
The dread of being called over,
The second of contemplating running and hiding,
The reluctance to do as you are told,
The embarrassment of being scolded and exposed,
The regret for doing the thing that put you there,
The knowledge that you have no escape,
The panic of realizing what is happening,
The excitement of the struggle,
The acceptance of your situation,
The shame for causing disappointment,
The remorse for what you have done,
The relief after the last slap,
The calm of knowing its over,
The release of guilt and knowledge you are forgiven,
And the love you feel from knowing someone cares.

Its this crazy rollercoaster of emotions that separates a fun spanking from a real one to me

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Dave said...

Hi Mandy,

Amazing post on the complexities of our little kink. Bravo!

Keep up the great blogging,