Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My first spanking story

I am going to try to write my own spanking story….. lets see if it works! :p

Jenny's dream

Should I tell him? I want to, but what if he really does it? Do I really want it? Am I nuts?

Jenny paced the floor wondering these questions and more as she waited for her husband to come home. She had a dream last night, a reoccurring one. She has never mentioned the dream to anyone but lately it has been occurring more and more frequently.

She sits in silence knowing he is coming, the suspense is unbearable but she knows better than to move. She just stayed and waited.

Jenny knew it’s a common fantasy, she researched it online before. But she has known her husband since middle school and just hasn’t been able to bring it up. She was afraid of his reaction.

Stomp… stomp… stomp… he is coming up the stairs

She looked at the clock. 3:00. drat, he wont be home until 6:30. they have been married for a year, she has kept it to herself long enough. The dream is just too strong and vivid now. she has Made up her mind to tell him. But the wait is so long, she chews on her nail, hoping she doesn’t lose her confidence.

"Jennifer Lynn" she jumped at the sound of his voice. "I am really disappointed in you." Her heart sank; she hates to disappoint him more than anything.

Jenny took a seat on the couch and picked up the letter on the coffee table. He had seen it this morning. It was an automated speeding ticket; she was caught on camera going 20mph over the limit. He told her he was upset with her but said he will take care of the ticket and told her to be more careful in the future. But it wasn’t enough. Jenny felt guilty about it and knew in her heart only one thing would work.

"you know what that means, and I hope you are willing to face the consequences"
"Jake, I am really sorry!"
"oh, you will be."

Jenny picked up her cell phone and started writing a text, "Jake, I feel really bad about the speeding ticket, I have something I would like to discuss with you when you get home" she debated deleting it, but she managed to press send. Now it really was too late to go back.

Jake quickly pulled her over his knee and started to spank her over her jeans. Jenny didn’t fight it, she knew she deserved this, but oh did it hurt!

She looked at the clock again. 4:30. Maybe if she started dinner time would go faster. She goes into the kitchen and starts to prepare a delicious dinner of chicken alfredo, she knew it was his favorite. She wants him to be in a good mood.

He continued to rain stinging spanks on her clothed bottom, then suddenly stoped and pulled down her jeans.
"Oh! I'm sorry! Please not on the bare!"
"Excuse me young lady? Is this your choice?"
he pulled down her panties and reignited the fire on her bottom, ignoring her pleas for mercy.

Jenny set the table and set out a chilled bottle of wine. Then she prepared a salad to go with their meal.

Jenny was crying and begging him to stop, but Jake new he couldn’t stop to soon or she would not learn. To her horror he reached for the hairbrush on the nightstand.
"NO! Not that! Jake I learned my lesson! Really I did!"
"Now, now, you and I both know you need this!" he started to spank her with the hairbrush, focusing on her sit spots, showing no mercy. He intends for her to remember this for a long time. Jenny kicked and screamed and when she tried to cover her poor bottom with her hand, he grabbed it without missing a beat and pinned it to the small of her back.

Dinner was ready, the table was set. She looked at the clock. 6:30. then she heard the garage door opening. He certainly was punctual. When he walked into the house he had a big smile on his face. And gave her a big hug.
"Honey! It smells wonderful in here! I am starving!"
They sat down to eat.

Jenny finally could fight no more and she just collapsed over his knee accepting her punishment. Jake noticed this change in his wife and gave her 2 last smacks to send the punishment home. Then he put down the brush and rubbed her bottom to help alleviate the sting.
"You know I hate to have to punish you jenny, but if I don’t than I would be hurting you more"
He picked up his sobbing wife and she nodded in agreement and he hugged her tightly to him. Jenny clung to him and smiled, he was right when he said she needed it.

"I got your text message at work" Jake said. "but that can wait. I have decided how to take care of that speeding ticket."
"you have? And how is that?"
"You may not agree, but that doesn’t matter. Tonight you will be going over my knee for a much deserved spanking!"


Dawn said...

very very good Mandy... I love it. write more!

cookie said...

Good job Mandy I like it.
Though I dislike the hairbrush it does always find its way into discipline stories. I guess it is a very useful tool in teaching lessons.
write more you are very good at it.

Kitten said...

it was really good Mandy.. some places were a little choppy but not bad.. hehe

Kat said...

Very good that was sexy!

Paul said...

Mandy, nice story, slightly different ending, no persuading necessary.
Found you through Bonnie.
Warm hugs,

Who Am I said...

Great story...you should continue with more :)

Alli Kay said...


Go Mandy! Go Mandy!

Mandy said...

thank you all for your complements, I will deffintly write more!

Greenwoman said...

HI there Mandy, Great effort at erotica. I think you should keep it up. I found you through My Bottom Smarts. Blessings!!

Thomas_III said...

Very nice.

Will said...

~~Perfect, Mandy!
(What was dreamed,
became a sore reality upon her bare

The story made me smile*


Anonymous said...

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