Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hannah's plea

I am a good girl. almost too good, the worst thing I have ever done was stolen a chap stick. and I know the few naughty things I do, such as spending money I don't really have and staying up too late don't seem that bad to you. I know the only time I talk back is when we are both being playful and it doesn't upset you we both laugh as you give me a few swats on my bottom.

I cant bring myself to be bad to get what I want. But cant we just one time pretend I was bad? cant you pretend to be upset with me next time I talk back? or next time I stay up too late? just feign anger as you give me a swat on my bottom and send me to the corner. it would put butterflies in my stomach, I crave the anticipation of knowing there is more to come.

Though you may not really be upset with me, for the sake of the experience could you scold me as if you were? tell me I have been a bad girl, tell me you are disappointed with my behavior. I want to feel like a little girl put in her place, with no control of what is to happen.

then can you pull me over to a chair in the middle of the room and tell me I have to take my punishment I have earned, then unbutton my pants and pull them down as I stand there blushing, I know naughty girls are spanked on the bare. and I want it to feel as if it were real.

then I hope you put me over your knee and smack my bottom firmly, not too hard just yet, but let me know you mean business. spank my bottom all over especially where my bottom meets the thigh, that way I'll feel it all day when I sit down. All the while you continue telling me why I am being punished and increasing the intensity and speed of the smacks. then when my bottom is all over red, and there are tears flowing down my cheeks, please put me back in the corner to await more.

as I stand in the corner I would hear you moving around, I would try my hardest not to move or rub my bottom, then I would hear you call me back over and as I turn around I would see you have the hickory paddle in your hand, fear and excitement would collide in my stomach in an instant as I obediently walk over. you would tell me that you intend for me to really learn my lesson this time, you know the hickory paddle is the one implement you own that I truly dislike.

you tell me I will receive 10 with the hickory, I shudder as I remember how much that heavy wood can sting but I know better than to talk back or disobey. I bend over the back of the couch and I wait patiently for what I have earned.

The first smack comes, it is harder than I thought it would be, but I try to be good and hold still, the second smack makes me gasp and kick up one foot, but I put it back down immediately and soon receive the third and the fourth smacks and I break position completely, you are patient though, and you calmly tell me to get back in position and hold still.

I take the fifth and sixth smacks like the good girl I can be though the tears are falling, the seventh smack makes me squeal and bring my hand to cover my bottom, but you just grab it and pin it to the middle of my back as you deliver the ninth smack and I am sobbing slightly. then you remind me why I am getting this punishment and remind me that you care about me then you give me the last painful smack of the hickory and I am crying hard, you tell me it is all over.

then you pick me up and hug me hard and you rub the sting out of my bottom and let me cry out all my tears on your shoulder, this is the emotional release I have been needing for a long time, and you know this as you sooth me and cuddle me, I feel closer to you than ever now as I cling to you, loving you more for disciplining me and teaching me right from wrong.

now that the scene is over I smile at you my bottom is tender and I love it and I am so turned on that I want nothing more than to play with you all night! This discipline scene is what I have been dreaming of, It is my deepest most powerful fantasy, so please, Sir, even if I am good, tell me I've been bad!


Kitten said...

I like this mandy and I can Relate.... but you missed number 8... you when from 7 to 9.... xD tsk tsk... trying to even get your punishment over quicker.. hehe

Alli Kay said...

Beautifully put. Bravo

Mandy said...

silly kitten, you are soo good at catching little details all the time! my lil sis is writing a novel, wanna edit? :P and thank you alli ^_^

Kitten said...

More then happy to Edit Mandy.. I'm weird like that.. lit, writing, all that stuff has been a love of mine... xD I dont do it much but I sure and make it look awesome xD or help hehe

Paul said...

Mandy, every spankee's dream fantasy, dispite the miscount, you should have had eatra for that, it was well done, thank you.
Warm hugs,

Mandy said...

thank you paul, but why extra? he was the counter! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Love it. Very well written.

Paul said...

Mandy, just because. WEG!!!
Warm hugs,

Mandy said...

lol, I like you paul ^_^

lynne said...

I love this story Mandy.

Will said...


(you've got a Birthday comin' up!)

Keep writing stories, Mandy.
They are really fun & good.


Spanking OTK said...

Hello, I like your blog. If you like, we could exchange links betwen our blog. Let me know!!


Will said...

You need to write another story.

I'm missing Hannah....